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Lisa Finley - Now he is BACK!!!
dog grooming 1 rating

Rocky used to groom our babies years ago. He was so attentive to them and 1 of our dogs is very picky. He was the only one able to handle her. We were so sad when he left. Now he is BACK!!! We are so excited. He is so good with animals. I used to call him the "Grooming Whisperer". We got a call that he was back and it was like winning the lottery! We will NEVER groom with anyone but Rocky again!


Pete Thompson - Rocky Rules!
dog grooming 1 rating

Rocky Rules! He is professional. He's honest. He LOVES animals. We recently had a black lab get sprayed by a skunk. Rocky took care of everything. No smell. No hassle. Outstanding professional. (fyi, I rarely give out reviews for businesses but made an exception after this experience). Thanks Rocky!!!


Amy Craven Chamberlin - They saved my dog's life!
dog grooming 1 rating

They were early, professional, and more than attentive! They found a problem that ended up being cancer! Because of their knowledge of dogs, they saved my dog's life! My vet was even very impressed that they found this, as his problem is usually not caught this quickly! I will use no one else!!!


Natalie Shine Laurent - We love Mr. Rocky
dog grooming 1 rating

We love Mr. Rocky. He does an amazing job. He has been doing our babies for 9 years now. He is part of our family now. Our friends who we have referred him to, love him as well. But what really matters is that all the four legged babies really love him. He has a special way with them.


Caren Crane Reaves - Was very impressed
dog grooming 1 rating

Used Rocky's for the first time today and was very impressed. He arrived early and treated my GSD with loving gentleness. Will definitely use them again and recommend to friends!!!


Brenda Eichenfeld Mallory - Thank you, Rocky
dog grooming 1 rating

Thank you, Rocky, for enduring and being patient with my 15-year-old Bailey! You're my new hero! Bless your kind, sweet heart! Bailey and I are very happy! :)


LaDonna Mahavier - Rocky is awesome!!!
dog grooming 1 rating

Rocky is awesome!!! He did my 13 year old Cocker this morning! She was badly in need of grooming and he did an absolutely wonderful job! He really cares for the dogs he does and Sophie fell in love with him!


Billie Fox - He did an excellent job
dog grooming 1 rating

He did an excellent job on our two dogs and he came to Celina all the way from Little Elm and is very reasonable.. I will continue to have him groom our babies.


Kody T. Brannon - Rocky's did a great job
dog grooming 1 rating

Rocky's did a great job on our black lab. He was on time, clean and did the best job on sasha ever. I would highly recommend him to anyone for their grooming needs.


Heather Wood - We love Rocky!
dog grooming 1 rating

We love Rocky! So glad we will be able to use him even after we move!


Leah Edman - LOVE that Rocky comes to our home!!
dog grooming 1 rating

Professional, great price, quality work, and LOVE that Rocky comes to our home!! No more lugging our dogs to the groomers. Yay! Thank you so much Rocky!! :)


Mimi Seaton - Rocky takes excellent care of Missy
dog grooming 1 rating

Rocky takes excellent care of Missy, our elderly golden retriever. She doesn't get around as easily as she used to, but he's very patient and goes out of his way to make sure she's comfortable. He also makes sure that he uses unscented products on her that cause my allergies and asthma to flare up. We are so glad we found Rocky!!


Beka Parkerson - Now he is BACK!!!
dog grooming 1 rating

I recently moved to the Little Elm area and needed to find a groomer for our girl, Molly. Rocky came to our house and I actually had to leave him alone while I went to pick up my daughters before a thunderstorm hit. I felt totally comfortable leaving him alone at my house and he was just amazing! !!


Carol Harvey - I have referred many clients to Rocky
dog grooming 1 rating

I have referred many clients to Rocky and gotten nothing but rave reviews back in feedback. It isn't easy for one groomer to send another groomer business as our referral puts our own reputation on the line. It didn't take long before I became completely comfortable and confident in sending the dogs out of my size range or those that needed to get in sooner than I could get to them, to Rocky.

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